Espositore: WEIR – OIL & GAS
Indirizzo: Viale Casiraghi 68
Città: Sesto San Giovanni

Pompe Gabbioneta, established in 1897, is a leading Italian company that has been manufacturing process pumps for the last thirty years. Our origins lie in a small workshop on the outskirts of Milan, on the very same site where now stands a modern factory that employs approximately 250 people with an office building and  a workshop exstending over 19.000 square meters. Over the years our pumps have evolved from water wells to heavy duty (API 610) process applications. Part of the Weir Group since 2006, becoming its API pumps center of excellence, the Company had been renamed Weir Gabbioneta which takes advantages of a fully dedicated team of people designing, manufacturing and servicing a complete range of heavy-duty pumps that are distributed around the world. Recent integration of Begemann further expands already comprehensive product range. Gabbioneta is able to tender for the most complex and demanding projects. Newly established Polish facility benefitting from low labour cost and locally sourced components.

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